Guarisco, Cordes & Lala, LLC

Guarisco, Cordes & Lala, LLC is a firm of six attorneys exclusively engaged in the practice of tax and tax related areas of the law. Few law firms in the state of Louisiana have a tax department with the depth and experience found at Guarisco, Cordes & Lala. Five of the firm’s attorneys are Board Certified Tax Specialists under the Louisiana Bar Association’s specialization program, four hold Master of Laws in Taxation Degrees, and two are Certified Public Accountants (inactive status).

               Guarisco, Cordes & Lala is dedicated to providing its clients with cost-effective legal services in areas that are critical in today’s business and economic climate. The firm’s size and areas of specialization enable it to be responsive to the needs of its clients by providing incisive and effective solutions to the troublesome issues they encounter. The typical clients of Guarisco, Cordes & Lala are closely held businesses and their owners ranging from the individual estate planning client to some of the largest business enterprises in Louisiana; however, the firm’s client base is quite diverse, including non-profit organizations as well such as major operating institutions providing education, health care and other services to the community.